Tuesday, 7 June 2011


So one of the bajillion things I need to practice how to draw are faces. Up until very recently I've usually avoided the face unless it had a snout and rows of spiky teeth. Today I decided to throw myself in the fire.
As subjects I used three of my close friends. After that it wasn't to hard to find inspiration as they are all very supportive of my artwork and lovely people (except after to much tequila, then their amazing)!
I spent around 1 hour per portrait, and learned a bunch of things as I went. Although I believe I managed to snag a bit of a likeness for each of them (woot!) there are still a whole whack of issues that leave me feeling unsatisfied with the outcome.  All and all it was a good learning experience and I look forward to trying it again in the future. Thanks for involuntarily helping girls!

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