Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Monsters have feelings too and today I'm trying to show that. 

The Gorgon Medusa was forever cursed to turn whomever she looked upon into stone. And although most of the time she's a fierce temple guardian who silences all that dare to enter, I'm sure their are times when she must feel horribly alone (not counting when her sisters are around.) In this drawing I tried to capture one of those times.

Medusa is posed with one of the men she stopped from entering her tomb. Although his expression is the one he wore at the time of gazing upon Medusa and turning into stone, she looks past that and imagines life as it could have been if she were not cursed. To sell this feeling I tried to give her an expression of sorrowful wonder as well as have her left hand gently stroking the mans forehead. To show the passage of time I had his armed hand partly crumble and fall to the ground. I also decided to keep the snake heads all tame. If one had look decidedly ready to strike with jaws wide it would have likely confused the moment. 

Oh and I had to scan it half by half then put it together again, so sorry about the funny shade in the top left! Let me know what you think! 

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