Saturday, 24 September 2011

Obden Jur

Obden Jur, 
God of Anarchy and Destruction

The idea for this being came from my friend Gab who is currently running a table top rpg that I am a part of. It takes place in a 1800 Steampunk Universe where anything from having a polite dinner conversation at a noble's house to killing green blooded crab human mutant with tendrils of darkness can happen. Suffice to say Gab has an extraordinary imagination that results in me leaving each session overcharged with inspiration and ideas. Thanks Gab.

Now upon leaving one of these sessions the party and I had just gotten a detailed description of the force we are all working against: Obden Jur. Here is Gab's description.

Obden Jur is a malevolence made real. His description varies from source to source. What's key to the description is that 'he' is of monstrous proportions, with three triangular, snapping maw that emits green light. He has no discernible head, nor eyes, nor ears. Some stories have described him as having a thousand spindly arms    

I decided to go with a theme of "threes" mouths, arms, legs, etc... In this pose in particular I was trying to show how he would whirl around haphazardly destroying all in his path. Above all I found the challenge of creating Obden Jur's anatomical structure most difficult and exciting. I hope to eventually place him in a full illustration depicting his power once I find a design I am satisfied with. Comments and Critiques are always welcome!!!  

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