Sunday, 6 May 2012

Plague Abomination

       Hey blog-land, so today I thought I would talk a little about my process when designing.

So the first thing I do is decide on my subject matter/idea. It's important to give your creation a function, because drawing something that just "looks cool" isn't strong design because it's not actually solving any problems.

1) Idea:       
                            Plague Abomination, I creature sent from hell filled with noxious gasses, it defeats it's foes by smashing them with it's disfigured body or poping like a ballon and infecting everyone in the immediate vicinity. 

Now hopefully you've had some time to visualize what your idea will look like so by the time you hit paper most of your design is already solved and you can just start the line drawing. If however your still unsure you can do something we call "thumb nailing" to get a stronger idea.

2) Thumbnails:

So you can see here that I'm trying to apply the same idea to a variety of forms. There is some recurring themes like: Tubes from the face, shrunken/inflated limbs, diseased backpack, etc... At this stage you want to draw smaller and put down lots of new ideas quickly, not worrying about fundamentals. I decided on the guy with the red star next to him.

3)  Line Drawing
At this point I starrt working with the whole page. I stuck pretty close to the thumbnail above, but personally I like to keep changing it just a bit along the way to keep it fresh and exciting for myself.

The Next step is rendering, which I am working on, but don't have much to show yet. Hopefully by the end of the month I'll have something I'm content with sharing.

Thanks for Reading!

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