Sunday, 10 March 2013

Bug Creature!

Things I was trying to push with this guys Design:

-Big Shape vs Small shape contrast (1 entail big shape)
- Change in form direction and Thickness.
-Taper, Taper and TAPER!

I also tried showing how this creature would attack in a 123 sequence if he were in a video game. I simplified the gestures to make the staging more clear. Ideally I'll get some feedback and repost this guy in the future because somethings still urking me about him.

Till next time! 


I had a friend point out that the arm/leg/mandible shapes were all roughly the same size and he suggest I push the mandibles for a more effective design. I think it worked!

I don't have enough time to render this one right now so I decided to just throw some highlights as if the light was coming from above. Because of the sun/indoor lights are always above us our brains are hardwired to see form easily when they are top lit.

I'm happy to say that the effect produced a much more 3 dimensional feel! 

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