Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Some Summer Stuff!

Wow it's been a little while! This summer was kinda crazy with work, but heres a fresh batch of sketchs and experiments!

Some are more finished than others, but all are a work in progress :P


  1. Hello there Mr. Stark, I am a student at the Art Institute of Dallas currently pursuing a bachelors in Game Art & Design;now i'm in a Background and Layout Design course
    in where we are instructed to choose an environment based off of concept to model for our portfolios. Therefore I was looking over your site and I found one in particular that I really really
    like! The SteamPunk Dragon Hunter Training Room! As instructed I was wondering if you may grant me the permission to model this awesome environment that you created in 3D and texture it as well! I'f granted permission I will not forget to accredit you,the artist who
    created the concept in the first place as well as not use it for profit!

    1. I've been looking for a way to contact you but sadly my methods were ineffective. If you'd like to contact me back you can either reply right here or reach me at my main email address: jonathan.alvizuris@yahoo.com either way i'll be waiting :)